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Swedens finest cactus rock band

Cold Case - 2007


Breaking Through 2022

The Man From Soroca Part I - 2018

A Taste Of The Good Life - 2017

In Your Face - 2014

To Serve And Drink -2009

Off Duty - 2011

Tales From The Sarge - 2013


Flat Foot - The Story

FLAT FOOT is a Falun, Sweden-based five piece rock band formed in 2007, featuring Lars Andersson -vocals & guitar,

Richard Norberg - bass, Mikael Hyvärinen - guitar, Johan Grandin - drums and lead guitarist Igor Buzurniuc. Flat Foot has released 7 albums and serveral singles and toured throughout Europe, China and Canada. The band have a wide audience

and have appeared on a numerousof TV-shows. Flat Foot describes their music as a mix of roots / alternative and indie-rock and calls the genre Cactus Rock.

New music was written during the pandemic when touring was impossible.
First single out (May 16th 2022) is Breaking Through.

This is Flat Foot:

Lars Andersson, vocals, guitar
Richard Norberg, bass
Micke Hyvärinen, guitar
Igor Buzurniuc, guitar
Johan Grandin, drums


July 12 - Statt Söderhamn
July 20 - Flatenfesten



richard@flatfoot.se +46(0)70 671 30 54  (booking Europe, Asia, America)

mike@flatfoot.se +46(0)70 402 86 76 (sales, booking Sweden)